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Posh Pollution Mask is your best choice for effective, comfortable and stylish face masks. 

Posh Pollution Mask is made with an inner layer of Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Fiber Cloth, which was originally invented by the British Ministry of Defense for inclusion in chemical warfare suits. 
The CarboCloth™Antiviral Plus (Ag+) Activated Carbon (Charcoal) Fiber Cloth has an extremely large surface area (1,000-2,000m2/g), being predominantly microporous. The carbon cloth, combined with the strong electrostatic forces developed within the cloth, enables the cloth to be highly efficient at absorbing vapors and solvents.

The Micro-Particle layer is a non-woven melt-blown polypropylene material for blocking micro particulate pollution such as PM2.5. 

• Antiviral
• Virucidal
• Antibacterial
• Bactericidal
• Non invasive